Wetherby Becoming a Private Practice

Since Dyson Beaumont Opened his doors in 1901, the emphasis at the core of the practice has always been exceptional patient care and it remains to this day. We have continued to invest int he very best equipment, as well has having an experienced, professional team of practitioners, with wonderful support staff dedicated to looking after your vision and eye health.

NHS eye examination have been a fundamental part of the practice for decades. However the incredibly low fee (£21.31) we get paid by the NHS to provide this service has been an issue for several years but the last few months has pushed us to the point where we can not accept this low fee and continue to deliver our high standards of service.

Current eye examinations are 50 minutes, we allow extra time for the sterilisation of equipment between patients and the wearing of full PPE. The NHS exam fee covers less than 10 minutes of our time. Our options are to compromise the service we offer and conduct a very basic test - something we are unwilling to do or move to becoming a private practice. For years we have offered an eyecare plan, offering unlimited eyecare and all the advanced testing (optomap and OCT) carried out by only the optometrists with the results fully explained for a small monthly fee starting from £8 and we are now making this our primary offering. By us charging realistically for our professional time it enables us to offer discounted glasses and contact lens prices.

Children have always been a huge part of our practice and we want this to continue to be the case. Therefore for any adult on our plan scheme, we will see any minors (18 or under) living at home for no extra charge.

This has been a huge decision and one that we have not taken lightly. We hope the above goes some way in explaining why we have made this move. We are more than happy to explain our new charging structure so please contact us for more information.

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