The Hearing Care PartnershipThe Hearing Care Partnership

We at Cameron Beaumont Optometrists and Opticians are proud to be working alongside The Hearing Care Partnership (THCP) to offer high quality hearing care services. Our practice in Wetherby offers a full range of hearing services performed by our fully qualified audiologists and include free hearing tests, free tinnitus consultations, hearing aids, hearing protection and ear wax removal services.

Hearing tests and tinnitus consultations

The Hearing Care Partnership offer free hearing tests and tinnitus consultations in order to help you to take control of your hearing health and begin your hearing journey. A hearing test with THCP will be carried out by our expert audiologists who will be there to answer any questions you may have during the process. They will be able to tailor the appointment to you and help you in deciding what is best for you whether you are looking for a full hearing assessment or just a quick hearing health check. Tinnitus consultations with The Hearing Care Partnership are available to help you manage your tinnitus. Although there is no 'cure', our audiologists will be able to explain the ways in which you can better cope with your tinnitus and help you to live life to the full.

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

If you are experiencing hearing loss, you may be recommend hearing aids to help support your hearing. Hearing aids are nothing to be concerned about and our audiologists will be able to talk you through the wide variety of options we have to offer. Hearing aids can give you the freedom to live life to the full without compromise.

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is also available from within The Hearing Care Partnership. Whether you are looking for custom earplugs for general use or specialist earplugs for sports or music, THCP will have something to suit your needs.

Ear Wax Removal

The Hearing Care Partnership also offer ear wax removal. Every service from THCP can be tailored to you and that includes wax removal, depending on the level of wax build up and whether you have any pre-existing conditions, our audiologist will personalise the service to you to ensure you are comfortable throughout the process.

You can find more information on all of our hearing services here. The Hearing Care Partnership share our values of patient-centred care and are focused on helping you to hear, see and do more for longer. By working together, we will be offering a fully tailored hearing and eyecare service to perfectly suit your needs. To book an appointment with our audiologists in Wetherby, simply call us or book online.

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